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Cap’n Doug’s 10 Tips For Catching Fish in Sarasota & The Basics


Use Sharp Hooks

Use (1/0 or 2/0) bait holder or circle hooks with fresh leader. 25lb mono is okay, but fluorocarbon is preferable.


Match the Hatch

Use local live bait such as shrimp, whitebait, crabs, sand fleas, or cut bait. Tip: adding a bit of cut bait to your hook can increase your catch!


Fish Structure Docks, Bridges, Rocks, Reefs, Grass-flats.

Anywhere little fish can hide. I’ve caught my biggest Redfish (46”) behind someone’s house on their dock.


Don’t stay anywhere too long.

Don’t stay anywhere too long.


After you cast your bait out there, let it sit for a moment.

Give the fish time to sense the bait. Surprisingly, some of my biggest catches happen when I'm not even paying attention.

Be cool at the Bait Shop, Go To Hart’s Landing for the “Phattist” Shrimp Around!

Ask and listen to other anglers, especially locals. They can give great opinions and tactics. Don't be a know-it-all, no one knows everything.


Use good equipment

Invest in quality fishing gear from a local tackle shop, and practice casting properly. Don't risk injury with dangerous overhand casts. Get advice from locals and use it.


Bring your wife, daughter or young son fishing with you.

Using live bait can often lead to catching more and bigger fish, as many experienced anglers and fishing guides can attest to.


Use Gloves or De-hooking device with all fish.

Watch out for a fish's defense mechanisms such as slime, spikes, teeth, and sharp gills, as they can harm you.


Remember why you are fishing.

I only fish for edible species, but be careful when removing the hook for catch and release. Don't let the fish float away lifeless.