Fishing SRQ

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If you're looking to catch fish in the Sarasota Area, there are many methods to choose from. Every angler has their own unique approach.
Our site is dedicated to providing instructions on How To, Where To, When To, and Why
(Because They Taste So Good).

Fish tend to congregate in three main areas in this region, seeking structure and shade. These areas include under docks,
deep in mangroves, on grass flats, in passes with deeper water movement, on beaches, and in the
Gulf swimming freely or on the famous Artificial Reefs of Sarasota.

The Three Types of Locations You Will Encounter While Fishing in Sarasota

Backwater & Mangroves in Sarasota


Red & Black Drum Snook Tarpon Speckled Trout Flounder Mangrove Snapper Sharks

Gulf of Mexico Reefs 3-8 Miles


Mangrove Snapper Grouper Kingfish Spanish Mackerel Permit Cobia Sharks

Sarasota Bay Grass-flats, Docks & Rocks Fishing


Pompano Flounder Sheepshead Black Sea Bass Red & Black Drum Mangrove Snapper Sharks